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Learn Faster with Hands-Free Control of Online Videos and much more!

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Introducing FRL-1 Ultimate Control

Go hands free and gain ultimate control.

Designed with creators like you in mind, our innovative footpedal is here to take your learning experience to new heights. With three easy-to-use switches at your feet, you can control tuition videos and educational content effortlessly, leaving your hands free to dive deep into the learning process.

Experience the future of hands-free learning today with our 3-Switch Footpedal! Take control of your educational journey, enhance your productivity, and immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities. Order now and unlock the true potential of your learning experience!.

Remember, great achievements start with focused learning. With our footpedal, you’re one step closer to reaching your goals. Invest in your education and discover a whole new level of convenience and efficiency!

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One click setup with mobile app

Pedal setup is with one-click through Android and iPhone mobile app. Each switch on the pedal can be configured to control any functionality of any application that supports keyboard short codes. Moving from one configuration to another is super easy with one-click configuration. It is the easiest pedal to configure on the market.


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