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Free your hands and optimise your App user experience

Are your users frustrated by having to constantly lose focus by controlling your App through the UI? Need a greater level of control over your App experience.

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Introducing FRL-1 Ultimate Control

Go hands free and gain ultimate control.

Having your App controlled with a Bluetooth connected foot pedal allows users to focus on what they are doing, without unnecessary interruptions.

Whether you’re App is for musician’s trying to learn a new instrument or piece of music, for creative or learning purposes, allowing your app accessibility to wider audience or controlling a piece of functionality where giving the user a option outside of using their hands will give a more meaningful and enjoyable experience – the FRL-1 ULTIMATE CONTROL foot pedal will bring this to your App.

The FRL-1 Ultimate Control pedal facilitates frustration-free App control. Tasks that involve both hands and focus are easier and more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about controlling the App or media you’re viewing.

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Featured App – FRL-1: Learn Practice Guitar

Eliminate time wasting and learn faster by storing and organising your favourite guitar parts to help you practise more efficiently. FRL-1 Learn Practise Guitar supports the FRL-1 Ultimate Control pedal. This App saves you time so you can concentrate on nailing that riff. Great for all learning musicians in all instruments not only guitar.


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